Lesson 5:
Drying the Snails
An Important Stage
This is the last and extremely important stage of harvesting, after which it will be necessary to properly organize its storage. Before entering a state of anabiosis, the snail must defecate well, be clean and dry. Snails should be dried in a separate room (it may be the nursery) for about 1 week. To do this, a powerful ventilation system or industrial fans and an industrial dehumidifier are installed in the room. The humidity level should be 60%.
Completion of Drying
How to understand that the drying can already be finished? This will be visible on the snail: it will hardly protrude from the shell, it will be inactive, especially at night. This is important because snails are nocturnal creatures, and they usually sleep during the day.
Another point - the snails, which are ready for anabiosis, seal the openings of their shells with a special film, through which they will receive oxygen in winter. The snails, ready for storage, are packed in the nets, then into the boxes and placed in refrigerators.
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