Lesson 2:
Washing the Snails
An Important Stage
It is very important to wash the harvested snails well before the drying and storage process. After collection, it takes an average of 3 days for the snails to empty their stomachs. And in order to keep the product clean and marketable, it must be thoroughly washed. Therefore, great attention should be paid to the washing of the snails.
You can wash them either outdoors in a specially prepared pavilion, or in the nursery. If the washing is to take place in a pavilion, it should have a rain canopy, concrete floor, drains and sewage.
The washing is done with water the temperature of which should be 20-22 °C. 1 portion of snails is washed on the table-racks twice a day for 3 days. During this time, the snails' stomachs should be completely emptied. However, at times this time isn't enough for them, then the net with snails should be washed once or twice again. When the table under the net is clean during washing, you may send the snails for sorting.
The Washing Process Is As Follows
The snail nets are placed on a rack and watered from above. The nets should be stirred, turned over. The feces of snails and the soil from the field, which happens to be on the shells after collection, fall to the floor during washing and drain into the sewer. For washing, you need to supply water to the room or pavilion. The water is poured on snails through hoses and garden guns at their ends. It is preheated to the desired temperature by a boiler.

On average, 1 person can wash up to 100 kg of snails (33 nets) per 1 hour of work.
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