The end of the snail raising season is the harvest. At the end of August, the snail is almost ready to harvest, but its shell is still soft. This means that you should wait a bit - until mid-September.
If you follow the plan, the harvest will last from mid-September to late October. By the beginning of the rainy season and probable night frosts, namely by the beginning of November, the harvesting process should be completed. If you miss the moment and do not collect the snails before the onset of cold weather, they will fall asleep (anabiosis) right on the field. And they will not just fall asleep, but they will do so by having buried themselves in the ground. Also, uncollected snails in whole detachments can crawl into the holes that are in the field from moles or mice. The snails bury themselves deep in the ground, about as deep as a blade of a spade (up to 20 cm), and in this case to harvest them will be very problematic, if not impossible. Add to this the cold, rainy weather, and you will understand that it is better not to procrastinate with the harvest.
Review Questions
Organization of the Process of Harvesting the Snails
When should you start looking closely at the snails in the field so as not to miss the right time for harvesting? What is the sign of the beginning?
What parameters does 1st grade of snail correspond to?
What are the processes involved in collecting snails?
How long does this process take in general? What does the time frame depend on?
How many people need to be involved for the period of harvesting for 1 hectare of the field?
Which work schedule will be the most expedient?
Who is usually involved in harvesting?
What should be done before starting the snail collection process?
Why is this being done?
Why is it important to constantly water the snail before harvest?
How does the collection process itself take place?
What are the requirements for the equipment used during the harvest?
What should employees know?
    Washing the Snails
    Why is it so important to wash the collected snails well before drying and storing?
    How is washing done?
    What should be done to make the washing process quick and convenient?
    How many snails can one person wash in 1 hour of work on average?
      The average speed of workers involved in various processes of life of the farm
      Relocation of the snails in the field?
      Scraping of tracks between the sectors and inside the sectors?
      Feeding the snails?
      Collecting the snails from the pallets?
      Collecting the snails from the sideboards?
      Cleaning the pallets from the field after harvesting?
      Washing the snails?
        Sorting the Snails
        What standards belong to the 1st grade?
        What standards belong to the 2nd grade?
        What should be done for sorting?
        How is sorting done?
        What do we choose in the sorting process? What are these snails? What is their purpose? How many breeding stocks are needed per 1 ha?
        How is the breeding stock stored?
        What to keep in mind when planning storage?
        What other procedure should be performed after the selection of the breeding stock?
        How are the snails weighed and packaged? Where are they sent after packing?
        In which case can the snails be sent to the refrigerator immediately after packing?
        How many nets are placed in 1 box?
        Drying of the Snails
        How should the snails be dried?
        What is needed for this?
        What should be the humidity level?
        How to understand that you may already finish the drying?
        What to do with the snails ready for storage?
        Preparation of the Field and Nursery for the Next Season
        What needs to be done before winter?
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