Lesson 8:
Pest Control
Dangerous Animals
Some animals that sometimes live in the field can be dangerous to the snail. These are, first of all, rodents: rats, mice. Moles, birds, lizards, parasites, fungi, flies, ants, and large creeping insects can also cause damage.
Threats to the Stock
Rodents, lizards and some birds eat snails. Moles dig passages through which rodents can reach snails, and they can also damage the fence.
Some types of flies, other insects, ants, garden slugs also sometimes attack snails. Parasites cause snail disease and death. A large part of the stock can die from parasites.
Protection Work
So there is a lot of work to protect the snails from pests, and it is quite diverse. We recommend:
- to timely remove food residue from the pallets, as birds can flock to it and eat not only food but also the snails.
- to install repellents for birds and rodents: scarecrows, ultrasonic systems ("Korshun', 'Sapsan'), smoke bombs from moles, gas cannons from birds (birds, especially starlings, the most dangerous for baby snails).
- to cover the field with agro-netting from birds;
- to spread poison from rodents and ants along the perimeter of the field (but not in the sectors themselves, so that snails do not eat this poison);
- to сut down the trees around the field to keep the birds as far away from the snails as possible.
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