Lesson 7:
Care of the Field During the Cultivation of the Snails
Field Rounds
The fact that the field must be cared for during the cultivation of the snail has been mentioned numerous times. It is very important to prevent the snail from spreading from the field, because it is a direct loss, the loss of part of the harvest. Therefore, each day should begin with a tour of the field and identifying possible holes in the fence, in the salt barrier, damage to the electric shepherd. If you notice a hole through which the snails got out of the field, you should repair the damage asap. It is also necessary to walk around the territory at night (this has already been mentioned above). The fact is that snails are nocturnal creatures, they are most active in the dark. Therefore, the risk of breakthrough increases significantly at night, not during the day, when the vast majority of snails are asleep.
Plants in the Field
Special attention should be paid to the plants in the field. They mustn't be close to or higher than the fence. Because it is via the plants that snails can escape from the field. Therefore, practically every day you should weed the path between the sectors, getting rid of weed plants. This requires a daily work of about 2 people per 1 hectare of land.
Cleaning Food Residue
As mentioned above, it is important to get rid of leftover food on the pallets. Because after contact with water (during watering or rain), it turns into a mess and in combination with the ground becomes an excellent environment for bacteria to multiply. Therefore, timely "hygiene" of the field helps to protect the snails from disease. For the same purpose, dead snails should be removed from under the pallets daily.
It is necessary to distinguish between snails that have died from infection and which have been eaten. Therefore in the first case it is necessary to fight the spread of infection, in the second - with pests. If the shell gives off a pungent odor, it is likely that the snail died of disease. In this case, it should be sent for analysis, you should check the quality of water, the feed used on the farm and pay more attention to the sanitation on the pallets.
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