Lesson 5:
Relocation of Baby Snails to the Field
Dates of Relocation
The baby snails are moved to the field around mid-May, May 10-15. The babies which have already hatched from caviar are transferred to the field. This should be done when the nights become warmer, there is no frost, the average temperature is + 10 °C.

Some snail breeders suggest that the baby snails from the incubator be first transferred to a greenhouse, and only then be relocated to the field. We consider it to be of little expediency, in fact, a waste of resources and time. Quite a realistic and effective scheme is to transfer the baby snails from the incubator immediately under the pallets on the field.

Advantages of Buying Snails From Us
If you buy baby snails from us, your active work begins right away.
The baby snails resettled to the field mustn't differ in age more than 2 weeks in one sector. Then the snails grow at the same speed, they are easier to feed and care for.
It is best to relocate the snails to the field in the morning or in the evening in order to protect the young from the sun. It should be understood that this is a very time consuming process. For the area of 1 hectare of the field for this purpose it is necessary to involve the work of 15 people who will work 2,5-3 hours. But, of course, it all depends on the organization of the work process.
Number of Snails on One Pallet
800-1200 baby snails should be placed under each pallet. To avoid counting them manually each time, you should select this number of baby snails in a measure once, weigh it, and then according to the weight and measure transfer all the other babies under the pallets.
After relocation, you do rounds of the field every morning at 10:00 and collect dead snails. Those are the baby snails that did not hide under the pallet.
It is very important to keep the field clean: weed the plants on the paths between the sectors and around the fences, as snails can climb over the fences and spread from the field. Pests, such as rodents, which damage the fence can also ensure this "breakthrough" of snails. Therefore, its integrity must be monitored constantly, including the nighttime. The farm guard should do rounds of the sectors at night to prevent snails from breaking out of the field.
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