Lesson 4:
Setup of Watering
Daily Watering
Watering is extremely important for the whole process of snail cultivation. After all, these animals love moisture, they should be watered daily. It is best to make automated watering, water should be poured on the pallets from above from a height of about 2 m from the ground. Important: the watering should be moderate so that water does not flood the snail and it does't drown in puddles. After all, the snail can't swim. The nozzle should produce 30 liters of water per hour. Be sure to use drinking water that is free from chlorine and harmful impurities.
Watering Technology
The snails should be watered in the evening, after feeding. The recommended watering capacity is calculated based on 25 cubic meters/ha/h.
Be sure to make an artificial lake or pool (water tank) for uninterrupted watering. It must provide the farm with water at the rate of 25 cubic meters per 1 hectare of field, or 2.5 cubic meters per 0.1 ha. If the farm is small and you need up to 10 cubic meters of water, we recommend putting plastic water tanks, for a large farm - dig artificial pools. They are dug and lined according to the technology of artificial lakes. If you line the pool with PVC mounting film, it provides a guarantee of operation for 3-5 years. This is a cheaper option. The guarantee of operation of 50 years is provided by the technology by which the pool is lined with rubber resin. But it is much more expensive. We used rubber resin on our farm.
It is important to use water wisely: do not turn on the watering during and after rain.
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