Lesson 2:
Growing perko
What is Perko
Perko is a special crop that will be the main food for snails for the first 1-1.5 months after being evicted to the field. It is a mixture of Chinese cabbage and rapeseed, which is grown artificially. You can buy perko seeds from us. It is imported from Germany, Poland and Lithuania.
Very Important Part - Growing
Perko is very important in the beginning of snail cultivation in the field. This is the first food of the baby snail which was transferred from the incubator to the boards in the field. It can be compared to breast milk for a baby. When the baby grows up a little, it will be gradually added compound feed, which over time will become its main food. But it is impossible to resettle the snail to the field without perko available there, it is very important to understand.
Perko Sowing Technique
At the time of baby snail relocation, the perko in the field should be about ankle high. Once the field has been leveled, it should be sown with perko. This should be done 2-4 weeks before the snail is relocated, ie in mid to late April. Perko loves heat. It will grow actively if the nights are already warm (if the average temperature at night is + 10 °C).
Protective Properties of Perko
In addition, perko is not only food for snails. This plant also protects it from the wind, the sun and retains moisture. That is, it helps to create favorable conditions for fattening and growing of snails in the field.
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