Lesson 1:
Land preparation
Period of Relocation to the Field
The baby snails hatched from caviar are transferred (relocated) to the field for further fattening. It is done in mid-May (10-15 May). The snail grows in the field for 4-5 months, after which it is harvested.
Soil Analysis
Before finally determining where snails will be grown, the soil should be analyzed for radioactive substances. This can be done in the State Food and Consumer Service. We also recommend that you consult with a local agronomist on how to cultivate and fertilize the soil for a rapeseed-like crop (perko).
Soil Preparation
To relocate baby snails to the field, it must be carefully prepared in advance. One should clearly understand the kind of land the snail will be grown on in the current season. This should be a fenced area sown with a special culture - perko (more detailed information about this below), where all the preparatory work should have been done.
Winter Period
So, when the first snow falls, and the average soil temperature is + 6 С, the land plot allocated for snail breeding should be made perfectly flat, free of pits and hills. This is necessary so that the snail does not get lost in the ground, especially during the rainy season. Since it can't swim, it will simply drown in puddles. Since it can't swim, it will simply drown in puddles. When starting such work for the first time, you should watch the local farmers or agricultural holdings. Professionals, who start the sowing campaign every year, do it on time, taking into account all the climatic features of the region. So if the farmers have gone out into the field, it's time for you to tackle your land.

Leveling Machinery
The field is leveled with the help of heavy machinery: bulldozer, grader, JCB excavator and agricultural machinery: discs, cutters, cultivator. In fact, every situation is very individual: it depends on the initial condition of the land, the characteristics of the local soil. The only requirement is that the field under the snails must be level.
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