Growing Snails in the Field
Once the snails have hatched from the eggs in the incubator, you can relocate them to the field for further fattening.
Review Questions
Earth Preparation
When are the young transferred to the field for further fattening?
How much should the snails grow in the field before harvest?
What should be done before finally deciding where snails will be grown?
Where can this be done?
How to prepare the field in advance for the relocation of baby snails?
    Perko Cultivation
    What is perko and why do you need it?
    Where can I buy it?
    Why is perko so important?
    What should be the height of the perko in the field at the time of relocating of the baby snails?
    When should perko be sown?
    What conditions will be most favorable for the growth of perko?
    What are the benefits of perko?
      The Setup of Sectors and Placement of Pallets in the Field
      What are the requirements for the field fence?
      Why divide the field into sectors?
      What can be used to prevent snails from spreading?
      Why is it important to keep the field clean?
      What do you need special pallets for?
      What conditions must they meet?
      How many snails are placed on 1 pallet?
      What percentage of the field area should be covered by pallets?
      On what principle are the pallets placed in the sectors?
      How to install pallets?
      What is the priority to consider when installing pallets?
      What other important function do pallets perform?
      What is the required number of pallets per 1 ha?
        Watering Setup
        Why is watering so important for the whole snail growing process?
        What type of watering is best to install?
        What should the watering be like?
        How many liters of water per hour should the nozzle produce?
        What kind of water should be used?
        When should snails be watered?
        How to calculate the recommended watering capacity?
        What should be done for maintaining uninterrupted watering?
        How much water should it provide to the farm?
        What kind of tanks are recommended to install if the farm is small?
        What needs to be done for a large farm?
        Relocation of Baby Snails to the Field
        When are the baby snails relocated to the field?
        Which relocation scheme is the most realistic and effective?
        What is the maximum age difference in the relocated baby snails allowed in one sector? Why?
        When is the best time to organize the process of relocating baby snails to the field? Why?
        How many workers need to be involved in populating 1 hectare of field? For how long?
        How many baby snails should be placed under each pallet?
        What is the best way to do it?
        What should be done after relocating the baby snails to the field?
        Feeding Snails in the Field
        What food should be given to the snails during the first week after placement to the field?
        When do the snails start being fed?
        How to do it right?
        Why is it important not to scatter food on the ground outside the pallets?
        When should the snails be fed?
        How much feed should be poured?
        Why is it important that food does not remain on the pallets?
        What should be done if more food had been given than the snails could eat?
        In general, the snails eat not only perko and feed, but also rapeseed, winter wheat, flowers, carrots, parsley, lettuce, cabbage. Which feed is most recommended for commercial snail farming? Why?
        What conditions of food storage should be observed?
        What types of feed exist? What functions does each kind perform?
        How much food do you need per 1 kg of adult snail?
        When do snails gain the most weight?
        Care of the Field During Snail Cultivation
        What is the first thing to do to start daily care of the field?
        What to do if you notice a hole through which snails got out of the field?
        When else is it still necessary to make rounds of the territory? Why?
        What is the role of the plants in the field? What things are important to watch for?
        The daily work of how many people is needed to take care of 1 hectare of land?
        Why is timely "hygiene" of the field such an important task?
        How to distinguish between the snails that have died from an infection and those that have been eaten? What to do if a dead snail gives off an unpleasant odor?
        Pest Management
        What animals that at times live in the field can be dangerous to the snail? How?
        What measures should be taken to protect the snail from pests?
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