Lesson 7:
Caviar Collection
The incubation period begins with the process of collecting snail eggs. The caviar containers should be collected in a prepared work area, where the workers will separate the eggs from the peat mixture. Approximately 3-4 employees should be involved per 1 ton of breeder to organize this process. It is very important to adhere to the strict requirements of sterility in the process of caviar selection. The requirements for the appearance of the worker during the collection of caviar should be as follows:
Attributes of Caviar Collection
Fresh replaceable overalls
Disposable hats
Disposable gloves
Clean work shoes
Hands are always thoroughly washed indoors
The working day begins with the collection of containers with caviar.
The room set aside for caviar collection must be bright and clean.
Room Equipment
1. tables along the walls;
2. sink;
3. tools - flat plastic spoons, brushes made of squirrel tails, containers/thermoboxes, trays.
4. electronic scales.
The process of Сollecting Сaviar
The top layer of peat mixture is removed from the container and poured into a bucket. This peat will no longer be reused. Next, the contents of the container should be carefully poured on a tray. After that, with the help of squirrel tail brushes and a plastic spoon, the caviar is laid out in the new boxes. The caviar should be carefully separated from the soil and the whole cocoon transferred to a transparent large tray or thermobox. The tray should stand on electronic scales filled with new acid peat (acidity 2-4 pH) or vermiculite (possibly coconut flakes) to properly measure the amount of baby snails that will be moved to the field in the future. The peat in the tray should be 1 cm deep, cocoons with caviar are laid out on top of it. The scales must be reset (tare) each time, ie the weight of the container with the peat must be subtracted. Fill the thermobox with caviar cocoons, making sure they do not touch each other (otherwise it can provoke rotting of caviar).

Sprinkle the inner lid of the thermobox with water. After that it is necessary to close the thermobox, sign the date and put it in the incubator. Now we have to wait for the baby snails to hatch.
To grow 1 ton of snail (1000 kg) requires approximately 140 thousand baby snails, which is 1400 cocoons or 4.2 kg of baby snails.
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