Lesson 6:
Laying of Eggs (Caviar)
Egg Laying Period
The period of egg spawning can last until April and even May. This is quite a laborious process that requires diligent work of staff for 6-8 hours a day. Cherry containers can be used as containers with peat. Better and much more convenient in work if they are transparent.

It is necessary to observe the behavior of snails: those that have not buried themselves in the peat, but simply sit on top of it, should be carefully removed and taken back to the rack so that they continue the mating process.
An Important Detail
The containers with snails buried in peat, which lay eggs there, should be placed in boxes prepared for this purpose (the ones used for little chicks with lids will do) and left in a special facility (settler) for 2 days, as the snail can lay caviar for up to two days.
The settler doesn't need to be a separate room, but simply a space allotted in the nursery for this purpose. The requirements for the basic parameters of temperature and humidity of the nursery and the settler are identical. Boxes with snails that carry eggs are placed on top of each other. This not only saves space, but also prevents the snails from spreading out of the box after the egg laying process is complete. During this period, the snail does not need to be fed and even somehow touched. It is busy with one thing - egg laying. It is important to understand that there should be no abrupt change of environment during egg laying.
We Keep Observing
Next, we continue to observe the behavior of the snails: when the vast majority of them crawl to the surface of the peat container, it will mean that they have already laid eggs. Therefore, they are returned to a separate rack for fattening and subsequent mating. These snails should be intensively cared for, as they are already weakened by the previous laying of eggs. One snail can lay eggs from 1 to 5 times. In the general stock of snails there are stronger specimens who move and feed faster. Containers with caviar are transferred to the room for its selection.
Completion of the Process
After completing the process of spawning, snails lose a lot of weight (up to half their body weight) and are prone to death. Somewhere ¾ of the whole breeding stock die after three egg layings. One snail from the breeding stock can lay one cocoon of eggs at a time, which can contain from 80 to 120 Muller eggs (about 80 large eggs or about 120 small ones). 1 cocoon weighs an average of 3 grams. Important - if the eggs are significantly smaller or much larger, then there are errors in the organization of the whole process or in the calculations. It is necessary to pay attention to it.
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