Lesson 5:
Mating of Snails
Sex of Snails
Snails are hermaphrodites that have the male and female genitals. Before laying eggs, they must exchange genetic material with another snail. This is what they do on the screens of the racks in the nursery after waking up. Mating begins 2-3 weeks after awakening.

After that the snail begins laying eggs, from which the baby snails will hatch later.
Mating period
During the mating season, it is important that the shelves have containers with peat, where snails will bury themselves to lay eggs. These containers can be, for example, transparent pots for cherries. They should be filled with a mixture of peat, washed sand and food chalk at 8-10 cm deep: at a ratio of 60/30/10%.

It should be understood that sand and chalk are of no direct use, but they are allowed to dilute peat to save money. You can use Odessa, Polissya or Lutsk deep peat. The packaging with peat must indicate that it is disinfected. This is important because the bulk of salmonella (worms) enters the snail from the ground or peat. Because of these parasites, a mass plague of snails may begin in the future.
The pH level of the peat (acidity) should be 5.5-7. This mixture should be moist, but also loose, so that snails can easily make a nest in it and lay eggs. Acidity in the peat is required lest the snails should linger in it after egg laying, but climb to the surface of the containers. Dry, heavy and clay soil is absolutely unsuitable for snail mating and egg laying. So water is added to the peat to moisturize it.

1 ton of peat and 400 kg of chalk and sand are needed for 1 ton of the breeder.

The next day after placing the peat containers, we can observe that some of the snails have already buried themselves in the container for laying caviar.
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