Lesson 2:
Basic Requirements for the Condition of the Nursery
Conditions for Reproduction
It should be understood that the breeder must be housed in a virtually sterile facility. This will protect snails from diseases that can lead to mass deaths in the breeding stock. You can use a 35% hydrogen peroxide or 'Emochka' probiotic to disinfect the facility. These agents should be diluted in water in the proportion of ½.
Disinfection of the Incubator
Disinfection should be performed in a special protective suit, which is a means of personal protection and should completely cover the body, always in protective gloves.

The next day after disinfection, the facility should be thoroughly wet cleaned.
Harm of Insecticides to Breeding Stock
Flies can do great harm to the breeding stock because they and the larvae they lay provoke unsanitary conditions and, as a result, the spread of infections that are dangerous to snails. Therefore, the nursery must be equipped with:
  • insecticidal lamps;
  • means against flies (it is better to use not the sticky tapes but special powders against flies as they are much more effective).
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