Reproduction of Snails
The whole process of breeding snails begins with their reproduction. To do this, you must have a breeding stock (also called a breeder) - adult snails that can mate and lay eggs, and from it the young (baby snails) will hatch. These are the baby snails you will be fattening all season in the field.
Review Questions
Where to get a breeding stock?
What are the options?
Who is each option suitable for?
    How to prepare the nursery?
    How to properly sterilize the premises for the breeder?
    What devices should the nursery be equipped with first of all?
      Basic Requirements for the Condition of the Nursery
      How should the nursery floor be equipped?
      How should the walls and ceiling of the nursery be equipped?
      How should tables (racks) for the breeding stock be equipped?
      What should the humidity of the nursery be like?
      What should the temperature of the air (heating) of the nursery be like?
      What should the lighting of the nursery be like?
      What should be the water used for the nursery like?
      What should the sewer system of the nursery be like?
      What should the ventilation of the nursery be like?
        Awakening and Fattening of the Breeding Stock
        When and how to reproduce the breeding stock correctly?
        Mating of Snails
        When does mating of snails begin?
        What happens after mating?
        What is important to provide in the nursery for the mating season?
        What should one understand?
        Laying of Eggs
        How does the process of laying eggs work?
        How long does the laying of eggs last?
        What to do in the process of maintaining the laying of eggs?
        What is important to remember?
        What are the basic requirements for a settling place?
        What is important to understand about the condition of the snail while laying eggs?
        What happens to the snail after laying eggs?
        How much caviar one snail from the breeding stock can lay at a time?
        How much does 1 cocoon weigh on average?
        What is important to remember?
        Collecting Caviar
        How to organize the process of collecting snail eggs?
        How to equip the premises?
        How does the caviar collection process work?
        What do you need to do to properly measure the number of baby snails that will be moved to the field in the future?
        What measures should be taken to safely hatch baby snails?
        How many baby snails do you need to grow 1000 kg of snails?
        Hatching Baby Snails
        How long is the average incubation process?
        What is the optimal temperature in the incubator?
        What must the incubator be equipped with?
        What should the trays for maturing caviar be like?
        What parameters must the incubator meet?
        When can baby snails be moved to the field?
        What is the best time to collect a party of baby snails to be moved to the field?
        What is important to understand in the process of hatching baby snails?
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