Lesson 5:
Snail Markets
Active Export
Snails are most actively exported to Western European countries: France, Spain, Portugal, Italy. In addition, snail meat is increasingly attracting the attention of countries such as Japan, the United States and Arab countries. According to the Ukrainian Export Promotion Office, in 2018 most snails suitable for food were imported by such countries as France, Spain, Italy, China, Portugal, and the United States.

Ready-to-eat or canned snails in 2018 were mostly imported by France, Japan, USA, Belgium, Germany and Canada.
European market
Canned snails and ready-to-eat snail dishes are sold in European countries. Snail meat is also part of cream pastes. In Europe, snails are also used in baking.
Asian market
In Asian countries, snails are sold in the form of chilled and frozen fillets, they are part of ready-made foods (noodles, soups, sauces with snails).
Snail Slime
A special place is occupied by snail mucus (mucin), which is used in cosmetology, as well as in pharmacy. South Korea, which produces and sells skin care cosmetics based on it, needs mucin the most.
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