Lesson 2: The Use of Snail Slime in Cosmetology
The second lesson allows you to learn exactly how snails can be used in cosmetology
Snail slime, or mucin
Actively used in cosmetology. This product is especially in demand in South Korea. This country is generally considered a pioneer in the implementation of innovations in aesthetic medicine.

It was there that they first understood the rejuvenating effect that mucin has, and began to produce creams and other cosmetics based on this product. Currently, such cosmetics are gaining popularity in European countries.
Skin care products based on snail mucus
Help to maintain the required level of hyaluronic acid in the body, which helps to restore the skin;
They help the balance of collagen and elastin, which contributes to the elasticity of the skin, reducing the signs of aging;
They help collagen production and prevention of wrinkles. Mucin intensively moisturizes the skin, evens out stretch marks, helps in the treatment of skin rashes (acne), heals cuts.
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