Snails as a Product
Snail meat is an excellent source of protein of animal origin, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the human body. It has many advantages over other protein foods. The nutritional value and composition of the useful components of this product can be recommended to include it in the diet of a wide range of consumers.
Review Questions
What are the most important components of snail meat?
How much fat does 100 g of snail meat contain?
What can snail meat be compared to in terms of protein content?
What vitamins does snail meat contain?
What diseases can be prevented by eating snail meat?
Where and how is snail slime used?
How do snail slime skin care products help?
Which component of snail slime is the most valuable?
    What important things did you learn about snail caviar?
    What are the main taste and quality characteristics of the product?
    What are the most important beneficial micronutrients in snail caviar?
    Which systems that are important for the body does the consumption of snail eggs improve?
    Where is the greatest demand for snail caviar?
      What types of edible snails are most common?
      Remember where the story of snail consumption begins?
      Why is snail harvesting now banned in most European countries?
      What are the most popular types of edible snails?
      Why are they in demand?
      Describe Helix Aspersa Muller?
      Describe Helix Aspersa Maxima?
      Describe Helix Pomatia, or the grape snail?
      How are they different from each other?
      Where are snail products sold the most to?
      Where are snails most actively exported to?
      Which countries import snails the most?
      In what form are snails sold in European countries?
      What snails are consumed in Asian countries?
      Which countries buy snail slime the most?
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