Snail Farming
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Training for Beginners
Course Outline
Topic 1
General Information
1.1. Nutritional Composition of Snail Meat
1.2. The Use of Snail Slime
1.3. Snail Caviar
1.4. Edible Snail Species
1.5. Snail Markets
Topic 2
Snail Breeding
2.1. Phases of Snail Breeding
2.2. Preparation of the Nursery
2.3. Awakening and fattening of the breeding stock.
2.4. Mating of Snails
2.5. Egg Laying
2.6. Hatching
Topic 3
Open Air Snail Farming
3.1. Soil Preparation
3.2. Cultivation of Perko
3.3. Sector organization and placement of sheeting in the field
3.4. Management of Watering Regime
3.5. Moving Baby Snails to the Field
3.6. Feeding Snails in the Field
3.7. Taking Care of the Field While Snail Farming
Topic 4
4.1. Organization of the Process of Harvesting Snails
4.2. Washing Snails
4.3. Sorting Snails
4.4. Drying Snails
4.5. Preparing the Field and the Nursery for the Next Season
Topic 5
Storage of the harvested snails
5.1. How the Snails Are Stored
5.2. Shelf Life of the Snails
5.3. Refrigerator Requirements
Topic 6
Snails as a Product
6.1. Shelf Life
6.2. Transportation Requirements
6.3. Our Collaboration Offers
Topic 7
Calculation of Costs and Profits
7.1. Calculation of Investments for 0.1 Ha
7.2. Calculation of Investments for 0.5 Ha
7.3. Calculation of Investments for 1.0 Ha
7.4. Projected Payback of the Business
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