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We raise snails with great care in organic conditions, pick them by hand and immediately process them. The outcome is a fresh product whose taste will satisfy the most demanding gourmets.
14 original dishes from Volutee will surprise you with the combination of their ingredients and inspire you to create culinary masterpieces in your own kitchen.
VOLUTEE is a Ukrainian manufacturer of products made from snails.

Delicious to inspire...
We, enthusiastic fans of snail taste, sincerely hope that our attitude will inspire you to buy it in our online store or at least order it in one of the restaurants where escargot is served.
The name of the company epitomizes the astonishing beauty of the golden ratio and underlines our commitment to excellence in everything we do with a passion for escargot - from growing snails to making quality products.
Modern Direction
of Farming
The high nutritional value of snails and the low impact of their raising on the environment make them an ideal choice for conscious farmers who want to create a sustainable and responsible business.

VOLUTEE is an example of expanding business opportunities by combining organic products and technologies at the farm level. We believe that our goal is to help snail growers achieve maximum results by using the latest growing and processing methods.

We offer our partners the following types of cooperation: training in modern business methods, sale of breeding stock and baby snails for further raising, purchase of a ready snail crop.

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