We believe that it is our attitude that makes the product delicious and we make every effort, professing the main rule of a masterpiece-level taste - the perfection of its ingredients.
We understand and respect the raw materials from which we produce our products, we take care of the land, people and animals we work with, we constantly invent new ways of development and always rethink our experience, developing unique technologies.
To produce the best snail products, to form a culture of their consumption in Ukraine, and to spread awareness about the high quality of Ukrainian products around the world.
VOLUTEE grows and processes over 300 tons of edible snails Helix Aspersa Muller per year and produces 4 types of the final product:
  • fresh snails
  • frozen filet of snails
  • frozen smart snails (Escargot)
  • frozen ravioli
  • snail caviar
Our company has its own snail farm, combined with processing production, and provides full control of all production processes: from harvesting to the manufacture of the final product.
The company is equipped with efficient production processes that meet industry standards:
  1. Bacteriological control of raw materials, ingredients and finished products
  2. Strict hygiene in accordance with the standards
  3. High productive capacity
  4. Automated batch tracking control and standardized SSCC logistics
Safe production in combination with careful selection of high-quality livestock and organic conditions of stock breeding is the basis of our activity.
Our work experience and stable reputation have allowed us to establish connections in other farms and ensure the required volume of product purchases regardless of the level of harvest.
We produce products of certified quality in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 22000:2018 standards.

All manufactured batches are inspected for compliance with safety requirements by state veterinary control authorities.
All stages of raw material processing, including the stage of re-purification, are performed completely by hand.
Snail is food, so all our products are subject to sanitary and hygienic control, quality control and certification. Our product does not contain toxins, parasites, ingredients with the letter code E and preservatives and meets the requirements for the use of organic content and the absence of GMO components.

Thanks to the traditional cultivation of our snails without chemical and biological additives, Volutee products are one of the most environmentally friendly options for animal proteins that you can choose nowadays.
Because we know almost everything about snails, we offer the most innovative solutions to the food industry and wholesalers, such as restaurants and supermarkets.

Where can you meet us? In the menu of restaurants or on the shelves of supermarkets, under its own brand or under the brand of the retail chain, as part of semi-finished products, or gourmet dishes of haute cuisine.

Thanks to first-class distribution and storage, our snails are as fresh as a few hours after harvest.
Nowadays, more and more snails, consumed by humans, are raised on farms. This takes certain pressure off the wildlife.

However, only 3% of the consumed snails are farm snails. Much of the demand is still met by their collection in the wild, which upsets the ecological balance in the environment.

Our activity preserves the farming ecosystem: selecting the best varieties for breeding, taking care of organic feeding and free grazing of animals.
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